Episode 21 Community In Crisis – How Can You Help?

  • Doesn’t always relate to dollars
    • Coronavirus
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Delivery
      • Pickup
    • Reminders are helpful – post em
    • Online Payments
    • Work from home
    • Telemed visits/Virtual visits
  • Don’t cash in – it’s not funny
    • Don’t run Corona specials at the bar
    • No promo code “jokes”
    • Don’t price gouge
      • Retail
      • Foodservice
      • Teachers
      • Etc.
  • Do you call out the competition/community when they DON’T follow the rules?
    • Competitors that price gouge
      • Do you let the community “report/shame” or do you?
      • Customers, that come in sick – what do you do?
      • Customers, that take advantage – do you let them clear you out because you’re NOT price gouging?
      • Tee it up – but don’t outright accuse – let your tribe handle it!

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