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Once upon a time (in October 2019) Carrie Hill and Erin Jones were talking about building communities and brands while attending Pubcon Las Vegas. One struggle they both see is convincing agencies and small businesses alike that the payoff for building out their community is a long-term gain. Neither was excited to take on another “article” on a deadline, but both love to gab – so the idea for a podcast was born.

Our goal is to help anyone who is interested come up with ideas for expanding their branding to benefit a business. From online mentions that help with SEO to local sponsorships that promote the brand in a city or neighborhood – there is a ton of opportunity out there, both online and off, for those that want to take the time to build something awesome.

So ride along with us on the journey – we’d love to hear your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or wherever. We’re going to keep comments off on this site to keep it clean and simple, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be watching!

Have an idea for a topic or want to appear as a guest? The only way we’re prepared to consider pitches is by filling out our Guest Appearance and Topic Idea form – use it, love it, share it!