Episode 10: Planning to Protect your Brand

Show Notes:

We’re talking about community perception, not legal issues

We are not lawyers, don’t wanna be lawyers and are not giving legal advice here

  • Employee Conduct Policies
    • OWNER conduct policies
  • Brand Representation Guidelines
    • WHO is wearing your logo? When?
    • WHERE can they drive the work truck
  • Don’t take your work truck to the strip club – or the pot shop – we live in Colorado
  • Behavior in online forums – what you say in your own name can be traced back to your company & employer.  Have clear guidelines – employees and owners
  • Anyone affiliated is a representative
    • Family (spouse)
  • When corporate decisions hurt your brand – franchise owners might not agree.
    • Jimmy Johns – the owner of brand big game hunting in Africa
    • The local franchise owner has no control over that
    • What do you do?  
      • RESEARCH before you purchase the franchise
  • Legal is not always right – weigh what they tell you with common sense.  It’s okay to say sorry, its okay to admit fault.