Episode 14: You Gotta Give to Get – Supporting Your Supporters

Show Notes

If you want people to like your stuff & support you, make sure you’re doing it for them as well. Conversely – if you have brand advocates, reward them by advocating for their own brand or passion projects if they have them.

This is actually a good kind of quid pro quo.

If you DON’T reward your Advocates

  • you’re going to lose the channel.
  • You get a reputation for being a “taker”
  • You lose the network your cheerleader gave you access to

If you DO reward your Advocates

  • Community Goodwill
  • You earn a reputation for being a team player/supportive
  • You maintain access to your advocate’s network – and their advocates may become your advocates.

More reach = more eyes = more engagement = more authority & credibility for your own brand