Episode 15: Is Influencer Marketing Worth It? Think Small!

Show Notes:
The influencer marketing industry estimated to reach 10B dollars this year. It’s a thing – but it’s not JUST a celebrity thing.

Nano influencer – recommended for local brands

  • IG between 1,000 to 10,0000 followers
  • Highly specialized for a niche and geographic area
  • Less expensive, more trust from the audience because there’s the “personal know” – kinda like the 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon test.


Micro influencer

  • Smaller following in a smaller community (geographical or virtual)
  • Builds trust within niche audiences – IE the local mortgage broker knows the best realtors to work with, their endorsement is gold to their brand advocates.
  • Pricing more affordable – average +/- is $1,000/100k followers – much more attainable for a small brand.

Celebrity influencer

  • If you can afford Kylie Jenner – by all means, try it, but you better be prepared w/ inventory/tech support and a retention strategy.
  • Not everyone loves all celebrities – there will be detractors who hate the celebrity you’re working with – are you ready for that?
  • It’s a flash in the pan –