Episode 16: Building Communities – A Case Study with Jennifer Cario

Show Notes – 1/21/20 – with Guest Jen Cario 

Building a Local Community with Guest Jennifer Cario, co-owner of The Carlton Diner in Bentleyville, PA

I’ve known Jen since 2009-ish when we both spoke on small business at SES Toronto.  She’s been advocating for small business marketing for a long time, and her work evolved into Sugar Spun marketing, which then evolved into her latest, but very different venture, partnering in a small town cafe and moving its location.

How important have your brand advocates been in this move?

What tactics have worked best in building those relationships with the community?

How much hard cash has building the brand cost? i.e. ad buy vs time spent?

What has moving to a more favorable location done for your business?

  • Was it worth it? 
  • Is “location, location, location” accurate these days? 

What are your tips for our SMB listeners who want to build this kind of relationship with their local community?