Episode 17: Don’t Alienate The Base

Show Notes:

Episode 17: Don’t Alienate Your Base

  • Going in a different direction? It happens
  • Be careful – consider the people who got you where you are
  • Will they come with you?
  • Is changing everything at once getting you towards that goal

The Bad – Brandless

  • Built Brand on $3 kitchen & food items
  • Had a huge range of Gluten-Free
  • Got rid of ALL food and added bougie CBD and Wellness stuff
  • Jacked up pricing
  • Pissed everyone off

The Good – The Ordinary

  • Stick to what they’re known for
  • Stay true to messaging and pricing

What Brandless SHOULD have done:

  • Created a customer ambassador board
  • Asked your loyalists before you make sweeping changes
  • Phased-in big changes and prepped your base for it weeks/months ahead of time.
  • Considered a branch of brandless that is for Luxe items and keep the food as a loss leader. All stores have loss leaders – online is no different.
  • Hired a consultant – they’re in a hot mess of being tone-deaf and posting canned responses – stop doing that.