Episode 19: How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It!

Show Notes

We’re out of order, remember? This episode will get us back on track!

Talking about you, who you are, and why you do what you do is important if you want customers to PICK you – if they don’t know you, why would they choose you?

Starts on the website

  • Testimonials/Reviews
  • About pages
  • Press/Media Kit
  • News Mentions
  • Press Releases

Tips to help:

  • If you can’t say it, hire someone who will
  • Use “we” statements
  • Have someone interview you & record it – then turn it into text
  • Share a compliment – thank them for their kind words.
  • Keep a list so when the right time comes along you can share
  • Practice with your friends – share accomplishments with your tribe – PRACTICE how you word things and getting comfortable with it.

Imposter syndrome – its a thing.