Episode 20: Wanna Be A Big Fish? Shrink Your Pond!

No, you’re not hallucinating – we skipped Episode 19 – but we had a good reason. While we were recording this episode, we learned Brandless shut down – and if you missed Episode 17 – you might want to listen to that one first – it will give you some context around what we address today.

Show Notes

  • Doing too much can spread you too thin
  • Marketing too much can spread your budget too thin
  • Know your niche and where your audience truly lives
  • Sometimes, “Facebook” is not necessary
  • Sometimes, your target market is on a site you don’t like/or know about
    • Get some help finding them and crafting your strategy
    • Know where your circles of influence are
  • Measure to find out what matters
    • Analytics
    • ASK where your customers found you
  • What products or services make you money?
    • Why re you marketing things that don’t make money? Stop talking about them
    • Don’t fit a round peg in a square hole
    • Trendy is not always profitable
    • It’s hard to go viral – this is not a strategy – its luck
  • Making more of your existing customers/base
    • Can you serve more people
    • Is it easier to sell to people who already know you? (spoiler alert – yes)
    • If you make your pond bigger – you become a smaller fish – among more fish