Episode 27 – Making Transitions – Chaos-Proofing Your Community Management Strategy

Your community is expanding, and maybe, so is your team.  How do you handle people internally coming into managing your community?

  • Not every new person is “jr” – they have different experiences than you do – learn from those
  • Introducing to your “tribe”
    • Don’t use the word “new”
    • “Co-manage” for awhile – don’t just throw them to the wolves
    • Include them in conversations, “Let’s loop @erin in here – she has some experience with that”
  • Divvying up the work
    • List everyone’s SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities – and what the threats of change are.
    • What do we WANT to do with social/community – what tasks can we undertake to create those opportunities and expand on them
      • More than one person looking at the angles can be helpful
      • New voices notice new things
      • Keeping everyone in the loop is helpful in transitions because not every employee stays forever – we need to “OMG WHAT WAS HE/SHE DOING”-proof this process.
      • People get sick, work must go on.
      • People leave. Work must go on
      • People get promoted. Work must go on