Episode 6: Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Show Notes!

  • It’s that time of year, you need to be sure you’re thanking your customers AND Employees?
  • Dos and Don’ts of saying thank you
    • Do be sincere
    • Do mean it
    • Don’t use it as an opportunity to sell more STUFF.
  • DONT open on Thanksgiving Day (and not at MIDNIGHT on Thanksgiving) or Christmas Day
    • Thanking your customers by making your employees work? Jerks.
    • ASK the people who deal with customers what they think – look at immediate reactions, ask for anonymous feedback and LISTEN TO IT
  • Black Friday – are you ready? Are you ready to say “Thank you?”
    • Heavily reward your Black Friday employees. That day is hell for retail
  • Does offering a “thank you” discount negate your gratitude? 
    • As a consumer? Coupons are welcome – stingy coupons not welcome – 5% 10% 15% is not really a thank you, especially when they know you’ll have a 20-40% off sale later in the year.
  • Be genuine – is REI closing on Black Friday 
    • REALLY a thank you? Is it a press byte – their online store is open.
  • Thank the people that make your business run.  Employees, vendors, trash people, everyone downstream that keeps you going.  Consider thanking spouses and families as well if appropriate.