Episode 7: Resolve to Rock it in 2020

Carrie and Erin give tips and thoughts on how to rock your marketing with a plan to start 2020.  Do you have an editorial calendar? Have you evaluated which campaigns worked and which ones flopped? Do you know WHEN you’re going to start your Memorial Day campaigns? 

If you answered NO to this, and other questions you may have about 2020, let us help you get some ideas for setting yourself up for success!

Show Notes:

  • Are you on track w/ your business plan – do you need to realign for the new year? 
    • Take a  breath, evaluate, talk to someone outside your industry or a mentor
  • Is your content calendar ready? 
    • This goes back to our constant harping about having a plan.
    • Don’t plan your valentines campaign on Feb 10th
    • Plan promotions with partners – do your slow times align, can you take advantage? 
      • Slow A/C installs, sales from manufacturers + discount installation = fuller work funnel
  • Is there an offseason service you can test?
    • Landscapers >> Snow Removal/Xmas light installs
    • Construction trades lay off in winter, can something keep them busy
    • If not, set expectation of unemployment in offseason from onboarding
  • Have you budgeted for growth?
  • Have you planned for slower months? (Seasonality, post-holiday slump)
    • Talk to your employees about it
      • Slow season is a great time to schedule vacations
      • Can you plan for your continuing education during slow times
    • Brainstorm ideas to fill your funnel
    • Take advantage of quiet time to prep for a busy time
      • Paint the lobby
      • Spruce up the workspaces
      • Contractors are slow too, can you take advantage
      • Upgrade your network
      • Spruce up your website, refresh while it’s slow so its ready while you’re busy.
  • Take your OWN time off