Getting Back to Work? Messaging & Communication are Key

  • Changes day to day – be consistent
    • Even if the daily message is “same as yesterday” it helps the audience know you updated recently
    • If you’re doing something different from the norm – make SURE people know that
  • Be easy to get ahold of – post your phone & email & livechat or a form
  • Be Flexible – if a customer shows up w/o a required mask – have one available for them to use (sterile – disposable) etc.
  • SHOW you’re proactive
    • Clean between customers
    • Have to sign a ticket? Is the PEN clean? Can you skip the signature?
  • Have to go into someone’s home? Send them an email BEFORE you go that sets the expectation.  Will the tech wear PPE? Should you (customer) wear a mask? Etc.